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"Yu Zhi Yue" 2018 Shujie wealth summit held

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On May 16, 2018, the wealth summit  "Yu Zhi Yue" of Hangzhou Shujie Hygiene Products Co., Ltd. prosperous meeting was held in Chongqing, the ancient capital with a long history and culture of 3000 years.

"Yu Zhi Yue" conference marked the progress of Shujie company from limited company to corporation company, and sounded the call for the company to march into the West. At the meeting, Ding Guixing, chairman of the company, emphasized:

1. Build a benchmarking enterprise in the Western health products industry.

2. Build industry 4.0 smart chemical plant.

3. Achieve the country, customers, employees and build a valuable enterprise.

4. Use the spirit of craftsman to ensure product quality, benefit the society and serve customers.


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