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For nearly 18 years, Shu Jie has been committed to focusing on the development and production of disposable health care products. It currently includes products in 3 categories, 12 varieties and more than 40 specifications. The product areas include sanitary napkins, adult diapers, baby diapers, Diapers, pull-ups, swimming trunks, nursing mattresses, mats, pet pads, etc. Since its establishment, it has provided effective product solutions and OEM, ODM production supporting services for large international companies in Japan, the United States, South Korea, and Australia.
Shu Jie relies on many years of production technology experience and excellent quality to ensure that its own high-end sanitary napkin brand \"淑 洁 \" \"安 诗 丽雅 \", mother and child care brand \"love code \" \"Bobby Cool \"\" Astralia \"\" 9876 \"Adult care brand \" Yiniankang \"\" Shu Jiekang \"has been well received after entering the domestic market, and has taken the lead to introduce a variety of new materials And cutting-edge technology applied to product innovation, play a positive role in guiding China ’s disposable health care products toward the international standards of health and environmental protection, aiming to bring nature's purest health concept to consumers, and more Chinese babies provide the ultimate safety care.

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